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Clubs and Activities

Our school offers a variety of clubs and activities for the entertainment, enjoyment and betterment of our diverse student population.

Some of our clubs maintain their own webpages. You can click on the name of the club below to view club or activity specific announcements and events.



Theatre Program and Thespian Troupe #112

WAyne Warrior Athletics

Interested in starting a new club?   Please see the information below for rules and guidelines for creating an official high school club:

Starting a new club is a great way for high school students to forge friendships over common interests. Creating an official high school club requires you to follow many rules and procedures, including having a faculty sponsor, submitting a proposal and demonstrating significant interest from students.

In order to create a new student-led club, students are required to submit a formal proposal. The proposal must include a description of the group's goals, events they plan to hold, where and when meetings will take place and who can join. Additionally, students will need to identify a faculty adviser to take responsibility for the group's well-being, ensure that members follow school rules, and supervise meetings. Advisers should also be familiar with any school-specific rules involving field trips or safety-related concerns. Students must also identify if there is a cost to join the club or if there will be fundraising activities. 

Current clubs found in the Wayne Handbook have already been approved and a new proposal is not required. 

Student Club Proposal Form

All club proposals will be reviewed. Final approval will be determined by the Huber Heights City Schools Board of Education.